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AuthorTopic: DwTD question (spoily)
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Is there an 'official' way to decide to do something about Maynard, or do you just force-attack him? (I already dealt with Vahkohs)

I've contacted the rebels, but they have surprisingly little to do for a team capable of knocking the city over by themselves.
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You can go tell the priest that you will tell everyone about the lord and the vampire. When you go to the lower part of the city guards will attack you. Now you can run back to the castle. The lord will already have moved upstairs so you don't have to fight him twice. And you don't have to draw first blood if you're uncomfortable with that...
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If you have a preist with cloud of blades its always easier to attack first, haste everyone on your team, make your swordsman invulnerable, and try to kick alot of ass.

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