What about $$$?

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AuthorTopic: What about $$$?
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Spiderweb is actually not a rich company, and they have a baby to support. BoA will be from $25-$30 US.

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Will there be a discount for people who purchased BOE when BOA comes out?

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This is also a good site
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A discount for BoE users, possibly. It may be a while after the initial release before it appears, however.

Starcraft, definitely not. Anyway, Machizmo, please try to keep your posts somewhat relevant i.e. don't ask questions you already know the answer to. Spiderweb is having issues with space for the board, so if you like these boards, please follow this.

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Starcraft? What does starcraft have to do with it? Were you being sarcastic? Or just off topic? Am I overusing question marks(?)

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Stop this topic.

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