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AuthorTopic: Graphics Archive?
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At this stage (now that TM's graphic archive seems to be pretty defunct), are there any open Blades of Avernum graphics sites? By 'open' I mean sites that will host peoples' work, since there seem to be a few private/personal graphics sites. I've made many Avernum graphics, and judging by the posts I've read, at least a half dozen (and possibly many more) people have as well.

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I suppose I could take some graphics, but please, dont expect too many updates (they arent that neccesary this long before the release), and dont send in too many graphics, just send your best ones, otherwise I may not ever be able to update. If possible, could you also please send them in gif format if possible.
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I would, but I only have 3MB, and one is already taken up. I plan to host my scenarios there, so I can't really do it.

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