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AuthorTopic: Too big for his proccessor
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        Hey everyone, in an attempt to counter the huge quantity of utterly unplayable games on the market, many weeks ago I decided to create a massive roleplaying game with a powerful and enthralling plot as well as deviously and entertaining sub-plots. As you may already know, just about everybody and their dog are building an RPG using the BoA engine. Not to contradict my previous statement however, many of them I look forward to playing and giving feedback on. I already have an enourmous map done and plans for a 100% open ended game. The problem is, I don't know how I can cut down to make all this game data run on even the fastest computer. I think I've gone overboard and need a stiff kick in the groin to get some sense back. Either that or maybe a new game idea. I can bet most of you have had this problem, so please tell me how you deal with the impossibly complex RPG you plan to build. And don't forget to try it if it ever gets off the drawing board.

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If you're using BoA, it's pretty much a given that it'll run just fine on any computer that can run BoA. That would probably be a computer able to run A3.

If you're worried about the size of the download file, don't be. The BoE scenarios are pretty small, and BoA scenarios probably won't be too much larger. Custom graphics take up more disk space, but as long as you don't go completely overboard there should be no problems.

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A3 ran SO FREAKIN' SLOW on my mom's computer (my dad trashed MY computer.)

A1 & 2 were fast, but A3 was sloooowwwwww....

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I cant see how a large scenario would cause BoA to run slowly (obviously just a guess, but it never seems to happen on BoE, but maybe thats just me). The scenario data's gonna be pretty small in comparison to the actual game engine, so it shouldnt make much difference. If its as huge as you say though, BoA wont have compatability for any more than 200 (i think) towns

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Yep. Beautiful, ain't it? [wipes a tear from his eye]. I've already started planning various globe-spanning epics. Actually, one globe spanning epic and several smaller scenarios, including the aforementioned Nightmare of the Sword Ghost Demon Banshee.

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