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AuthorTopic: BoA Character Ranks
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I have noticed that if you have a party loaded while youre in the main menu, each of them have a rank associated with them.

Does anyone know what all the passible ranks are, and how they are determined?

Obviously it has something to do with the stats of each character, but I'd like to know just how your stats affect your rank....... and possibly aim to get (at least my 2 fighting characters) ranks that sound alittle better than swashbuckler (As long as it doesnt represent a significant deviation from my normal stat placement, I'd be willing to switch afew points here and there in the future) =P
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Are you sure it's stats related? I just figured it was bassed on character class/level.
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I don't remember all the ranks I had, but you will be Lord (fighter), Archwizard (mage) and Highpriest (priest) at the highest rank.

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Actually your stat placement does affect your, "rank." My Mage/Priest is something like Master Spellcaster. My Fighter and Archer are both Swashbucklers.
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It's influenced by both level and stats. It'll take a lot of messing around with the HLPM to find ALL the ranks, but a high-level character with no points put into any stat is a Hero.

I'm pretty sure that starting character class has NO effect on rank.

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Well Im almost certain that the rank is determined based on yout stat placement and rank.

It cannot (shouldnt rather) be dependent on starting class because those starting classes are basically there as templates as opposed to classes. Additionally, if its based on class, then none of my characters would have ranks because Theyre all custom.

Btw, what exactly is HLPM?
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