Registering and reinstalling

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AuthorTopic: Registering and reinstalling
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Ok, so I'm kinda hooked and thinking about registering. But since the registering code you recieve seems to be linked to a random set of numbers on your installed copy of the game I have a question. What happens if you reinstall the game?
Will the random numbers be different and your $25 code useless?

I'm asking because I will have to change computers in august, and will most likely have to download the game from the web again...
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You'll have to copy the file "BladesofAvernumData.dat" located in the data directory, and after your reinstallation, replace the "new" BladesofAvernumData.dat by the old one, that you've copy.

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I asked someone at Spiderweb software the same thing and they told me to send an e-mail and they would allow me to transfer the registration to a new PC. They will do this as long as you have already registered the game. Just do not do it more than once or twice or it may seem like you are pirating their software. Not that you would. I am just pointing this out.

Enjoy the game!

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Just copy the .dat file to a floppy disk, write protect, and put it in a safe place.

Or get the game on disk, just $4 extra.

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.dat file you say...

Thanks guys!
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