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what do you do with that spirit that walks around on the big map in the wilderness? What about that skull that you find? Are there any encounters that you need a certain luck or nature lore amount to get interesting stuff in the big map? I'm just trying to find extra stuff to do, so I did 100% of everything. thanks!!
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I found a shade hidden in a mountain... does that have anything to do with the other shades? what am I supposed to do with them?
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Please refrain from multiple posting- use the edit button instead.

You can take care of the shades when you have finished the main quest. Go and talk with the shade in the mountains, I think then the other ghosts will disappear.

I don't know what to do with the skull, however.

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By the way, was I the only one to smile when the Vahnatai talked about how their journey consisted of navigating "a maze of twisty passages, all alike"?

Jeff plays text adventures! Wow! Or is that just a co-incidence?

I checked the source code. The skull doesn't appear to mean anything. It's just decoration.

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I play text adventures, sometimes. And I know what that sentence is. :P

Another name for it is Interactive Fiction, a name that tries to cover up it's actually a text adventure.

Apparently still annoying.
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Where is the shadow hidden in the mountain? I looked all over and instead I found the back entrance to the School (which was a great find indeed), the fungal cave (which was quite interesting) and the drake who asked me to find a drake's fang for him. Still no shadow. Oh, and I found the goblin valley.

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