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AuthorTopic: full screen mode
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Any way to turn off full screen mode?

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Command + Tab will get you out of BoA and into the Finder, but I don't know how to make BoA into window mode, if it's possible.

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I don't know how it works in BoA, but in the earlier Avernums you could do this by an option in the 'preferences'-box. Just press Escape to open the list of commands, then choose 'preferences'.

Of course, if this doesn't work in BoA, or you're using Mac and it has completely different UI, ignore the text above, and ask for help again. ;)

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Just to confirm: yes, it is done in the prefs, which are under the File menu, not the BoA menu as one might expect.

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Thanks, everyone! I guess I should have said before, though, that I'm on a Mac. But thanks for the help!
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