Crystal of Purity quest in ZKR

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AuthorTopic: Crystal of Purity quest in ZKR
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Okay, I need a gentle nudge here. I've given Casser-Bok the bad news and then entered the portal with a single character. There's a walkway that I probably need to stay on. The unbroken path seems to lead only to a room with a rune.

If I step on the rune, I hear chains. If I go past the rune, I eventually hear the chains again--which I presume is a bad thing. The only apparent exit is blocked by a portcullis.

Please nudge away: leave the path? secret door before the rune? secret door after the rune? do something before the rune? I'm clueless on this one.
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There are a lot of runes, I don't know, which one you talk about, but I can tell you, how I got the Crystal.
The teleporter throws you into a maze with these nice, purple aliens. At the northwall of the maze is a secret tunnel, leading to a room with four runes and some kind of channel with portcullis and a magical barrier. You open the magical barrier by stepping on the runes in NW and SE. After that, you have to defeat only three fire golems and the Crystal is yours. The portal leads back to your party.

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Thanks for the nudge. The rune that I mentioned lets you into a "back door" along your specified route. From there, you can access a small secret room with yet another lone rune. Alas, I was too impatient to discover what the last rune was for.
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