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AuthorTopic: windows version question
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i was just wondering: whan the windows version comes out, would player made scenarios for the mac also work with the windows version whan dl'ed or would thay have to be converted?

if thay wont work it be a real bugger, wouldnt want to find out that 90% of the good scenarios are only for one version or the oter
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Scenarios are fully cross platform. The only files that need to be converted are custom graphics files.
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ok thanks

one more question if i'm all ready at it

is it necesary to use pre existing char's in player scenarios or is it possebile to craete chars of the appopriate level to start with?
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You can provide a saved party to use with your scenario but you can't force the player to use them. Well, you could, but it'd be a lot of work and you shouldn't do it anyway.

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now to continue my countdown to windows release
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You can take any party into a BoA scenario, so it's common to use one party through a whole series from level 1 to high levels. If you don't have a high level party handy, you can use the editor to boost one.

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The only scenario avalible so far, "Roses of Reckoning", actually has a specific Windows download on its homepage, even though Blades of Avernum for Windows isn't finished yet!
(Maybe something to remember for the Windows Beta testers...)

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