Monster creation in BoA

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AuthorTopic: Monster creation in BoA
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For those of you who haven't been reading the thread about BoA on the BoE forum, Jeff posted this:

"Blades of Avernum will provide ways around this [keeping the battles fresh and challenging], but from the other direction. Instead of giving players less capability, you can give monsters MORE capability.

You can fully customize monster special abilities. More importantly, you can customize monster behavior. You can have an encounter with one monster who tries to paralyze all the mages, for example. Or a big monster who targets clerics to the exclusion of all others.

You can really mess up a party with stuff like this, and still play fair."

Doesn't that sound great? Monster creation will finally be truly unleashed. And he also said that bringing back dialogue pics was "definitely worth considering."

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yay! Now reasonable behavior!

A dragon will have eight abilities instead of two!

Dragons will attack with bites first rather than magic.

Perhaps an auto-haste is posisible, automatically 12 action points and magic cannot subdue or raise that.
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