Stuck in A Small Rebellion

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AuthorTopic: Stuck in A Small Rebellion
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I'm in the hidden empire fort in the mountains. I'm locked in, and the two doors I can find are also locked. One is also guarded by a quick fire trap. I've farsighted everywhere and can't find a secret passage. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?
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Provided I understand when and where you are, go to the guard room next to the entrance and use the levers/wheels (I forget which) to open the front gate. Then leave.

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I tried that,it doesnt work, though I might be missing somthing. There are two wheels, one I can get to and the other one which is blocked off by a gate. The one I can get to opens and closes one of the gates I need open but the other gate stays shut. I think that the wheel that is blocked, opens the other gate, but the wheel is blocked aswell and I don't know how to open the gate that blocks it.
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I believe you're supposed to go to the punishment cells, talk to a dying merchant (he dies... don't worry), then go through a secret passage to the sw.

About the quickfire trap, if you have enough Arcane Lore, I think you'll get a reminder about how there's always a way to deactivate it nearby. (I played through this today, but my memory's sketchy) Sure enough, there's a secret door to a lever which neutralizes the quickfire.

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Did you figure this out? I'm in the same position, stuck in the keep. I went through the secret passage on the SW indicated by the dying merchant and killed off the general of the keep. Now I still can't get out. The inner gate opens but the outer gate is shut, the wheel that presumably opens it is behind a closed gate. Suggestions?
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afaik, there is a wheel in the general's bedroom, that operates the gate to the wheel at the entry.

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set off the quickfire trap, find the way to shut it off, that will let you through

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