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AuthorTopic: Starting the game
Shock Trooper
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Whenever I try to play the game, the screen turns black. When I try to quit, it freezes up. Possibly it has to do with the fact that I use Mac OS X, and can't start up Classic for some reason. Or perhaps I must change the resolution.

How can I fix this?
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I don't know what is causing your problem, but I can say that I run without changing resolution and I've had no trouble. Also, BoA is OS X native, so you shouldn't need to fiddle with Classic mode.

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How much RAM do you have on your machine and how many RAM intensive programs do you have running in the background when you try to use BoA?

Have you tried re-downloading and reinstalling?

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Sorry for bothering you. After a few tries and redownloading and reinstalling the game a few times, I restarted, and it works now. Sorry for wasting your time, my bad.
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