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When I registered BoE, I looked at the scenario tables and thought, "Wow! There must be some really good scenarios." Unfortunately, my experience with Za-Khazi was so sour and dry that I wanted to quit permanently. Some incredibly awesome 3rd-party scenarios (ie. An Apology) brought me and my slew of scenarios into the fold, but if I would have decided to actually quit after Za-Khazi, then another community member would have been offed. My suggestion is to include VotDT, ASR, Za-Khazi and DwtD on the scenario tables- Untried and Untested at first, delegated to another as time progresses. That way, people can get an accurate picture of Jeff's scenarios in comparison with everybody else's- Most people come into Blades thinking that Jeff is the king of scenario design. No offense intended, but this just isn't the case. I think Akhronath stated it best when he said, "[The Exile storylines] were salvaged by their epic proportions. If the proportions are scaled down to a couple of towns and a few outdoor sections... ...the inherent problems in the traditional Exile design scream out to be noticed." Therefore, why not soften up potential players to the disappointment of Za-Khazi by allowing other users to rate it? If VotDT and Za-Khazi are only 4.0's and there are scenarios rated 4.5-4.8, then people will be far less likely to quit after playing them.

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