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AuthorTopic: would you want this?
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some sort of meeting point, where you could battle other player's parties to test you 1337 skillz, parties would be classified by their skill total per char. so a party with 800 skill total p/c would obviously be haxxored maybe you could stake equipment or somethng?

or if spidweb doesnt want to have a server running just for that, maybe on the site you can submit your party then you can battle them from the site.
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Can't be done in the form in which you describe it (party vs. party), but the BoA Arena (once up and running) will provide a similar BoA-based competition between players.

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A Blades of Avernum Arena? Explain.
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You get a certain number of points with which to design monsters, and then your monsters are pitted against the creations of others. There's an accompanying RP, but that's the relevant bit.

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Oh, it will be very, very fun. Imby and I are planning it out. Or we should be.

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I like the idea of party-level competition. How about an adventure with points? My thinking isn't a story-based adventure but an activity or challenge-based adventure that tested combat, spell casting, and problem solving.

Points are awarded for successfully completing the challenge or problem, but a solution that deviated from the obvious (say killing evertyhing in your pass) would grant additional points.

For example: a scene with your low- to mid-level party facing off against five or six altered beasts. If they're slain you get the experience points, but if you find a way around the beasts without combat using spells you don't get the experience but rather points for an alternative solution?

Not as exciting as head to head gladiator combat (there's a reason the NFL wasn't invented by the Romans;-) but perhaps a different test of a player's ability to solve problems?
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Many scenarios will give you choices in how you solve your problems. BoA hack 'n slash really isn't so much fun that a few more devious puzzles don't help things along.

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