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AuthorTopic: Is it cool?
Shock Trooper
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I just have to ask all the mac users out there, I's it cool? Is it so cool that I need to by a new mac cuase my old one gathers dust in the corner cuase it's so slow it has problems runing the original Exile's. If you say yes I get a new mac (I really hope to).

What so cool about the game and all. Tell us people who are traped in the windows world!
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Shock Trooper
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If you have a mac version of 8.1 or up, put it on your PC, get an emulator, get a ROM card, and voila! Play BoA on your PC.

Or you could just wait for the Window version to come out...I too am pretty much stuck. I got the card and the emulator, but now I need to find a copy of Mac OS 8.1...hmmm.

If I find out how to get it working, I'll share the info. ;)
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Gremlin, you can download OS 8.1 here

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forgive me for ignorance but why would you need both a copy of mac os and an emulator? what exactly is this rom card too...
and you can get any os free including the latest mac os, if you know where to look....
I dont think we can talk about software piracy here tho right...?

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spy.there, thanx. Although it is an update, it might work.

Why I need an emulator and Mac OS? Because I'm using a PC and don't want to spend money on a mac. A ROM card is required to go along with the emulator, or the image of the ROM card anyways.

As for newer versions, I won't be needing them since BoA works with 8.1
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8.1 is an update to 8.0.

You can buy 8.1 (full version) for about 20-30 dollars.

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