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AuthorTopic: The Don't Fix The Shark Competition!
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Erika? No. It sounds more like something somebody like Rentar-Ihrno or some other Empire-hating manic would. Well, that almost fits the description of Erika, but, judging her spoken evidence in Avernum 3, she wants the Avernites to be able to return to the surface.

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I think Erika's crazier than that. It was her idea to assassinate Hawthorne, and in hindsight it must have been pretty obvious that that move wouldn't exactly benefit Avernum. IIRC (but I probably don't) that wasn't her first or only plan for revenge. Perhaps her original plan of killing every single living thing on the surface was foiled by the Empire's adventurers, so she fell back on less ambitious plan B, teleporting some patsies into the castle of the ruler of the world and killing him.
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Erika wasn't crazy so much as she was arrogant. With Erika it was all personal. She didn't see things on a general level - the fact that the Empire had sent tens of thousands of people to the misery of Exile/Avernum was of little importance to her. What was of prime importance to Erika was the fact that the Emperor had dared to exile her. Her revenge was directed at him in A1 and at Garzahd in A2 for similar reasons. Even the ending of A3 was personal for Erika, she saw it as her chance to prove she was the better mage. She didn't take lesser mortals into account - either in terms of the suffering of the Avernites or in selecting the ordinary people of the Empire as targets for her vengeance.

EDIT: silly spelling error. BTW, I liked Erika, she was an interesting character.

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To get this back on track...

The contest is now official, with a copy of BoA (or other Spiderweb game) as a prize for the winner. For more details on entering, see the thread in the BoE forum.

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