Top 5 "must have things" on Wish List

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AuthorTopic: Top 5 "must have things" on Wish List
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Other people have huge lists and are general I wanted something simplier. My top 5 things I want to see on BoA in no order:
1.Additional races like dwarfs, Gnomes, ect.. that have class specific bonuses and penalites along with anything else that follows.
2.Total graphic control of spells( meaning you can make your own special graphics), weapons, and everything else.
3.Scripting for events, better AI, effect triggered by a hit that might release a certain spell and things like that for scripting.
4.Putting in sounds and music for an event or weapon hit and spell, background music. Have it so it can accept mp3's for smaller sizes.
5.Finally to have special things like easter eggs in game the people would have to figure out.
In general though everything the maker can do!!!!!

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Definitely not number one, and probably not number four. The others are (mostly) inherent.

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And Jeff is highly unlikely to do 1. He didn't
do that for BoE, and I doubt he will for BoA.
(I think he's specifically said he won't, but I'm
not sure.)
As for number 4, it isn't likely. Read the thread
on what to expect.
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