Alternative character graphics?

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AuthorTopic: Alternative character graphics?
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Hello everyone.
I was wondering if any of you use different character graphics than the standards when you play the BoA scenarios.
In case you do, what do you use and where can I find them?
I thought about making them myself, but abandoned the thought when I looked at some figures I drew some time ago.. they weren't good :(
Then I thought. Someone should make a compilation with new graphics.. someone with art skill, or just ability to collect some nice art.

Oh, and btw, sorry for not looking the forum through very thoroughly. I don't trust my luck in this case.
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The Louvre (which you can find in the links at my site, which is in my sig) has some PC graphics. Not many, and not very good, but enough to be interesting.

Some scenarios (such as the Mac version of LP) sneakily force PC graphics.

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Well, that's something at least. Thanks.
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I've made several- should you take an interest in them, just say the word and I'll post them.
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Which word?

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"please" :P
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