A scenario broke my party's character graphics

AuthorTopic: A scenario broke my party's character graphics
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I just finished Embers of Rebellion, and I enjoyed the scenario. However there appears to be a bug at the end of the scenario. As part of a cutscene my character graphics were changed to the lying down, or injured position. For some reason after the cutscene they didn't revert to normal standing position, and the scenario ended. I decided to save over my master game file, and start a new scenario. Even in the new scenario my characters' graphics are still in the injured position, and I can't seem to change it (I tried going from outdoor to indoor locations several times).

I'm pretty mad that a coder would do something like this that could permanently mess up someone's game file, and I was wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it.
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Did this topic become transported to the Tech Support forum and leave its blank husk behind? :P

Edit: Woohoo! I fixed the blank topic from 1920!

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This question was answered in the tech-support topic. The simple solution is to enter combat then exit combat. The even simpler solution is to download the latest version of EoR from my site.

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