Few questions about Blades

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AuthorTopic: Few questions about Blades
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I never really considered Blades because I like official campaigns... is it kinda like NWN where there are modules from other players that you download?

Are there many full length adventures available now?(since it has been out a while)? Any good?

Also. when looking at the scenarios posted on this website, under difficulty, some have for example levels 30-45.. do these scenarios start you off at these levels or do you need to have level 30 characters available from previous games to play?

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Yes, there are a good number of extra designer created adventures to suit your taste. These can be found under the Blades of Avernum sections of the Spiderweb pages.

Define a full length adventure. Are there any long scenarios, yes. Are they good, that depends on who plays them. Most things are a bit shorter, but fun nonetheless.

You need to provide your own party. However, Kelandon's High Level Party Maker provides an efficient way to do this.

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There are many, and they are good. And the best way to play high-level scenarios is to use a party that has already played through low and medium-level scenarios to reach a high level. However, there is also a tool (well, a scenario) that can beef up your party to a high level immediately.

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We're up to about 30 scenarios now, so there are a good number of adventures available. I don't know what you mean by 'full length', if you mean an epic then I suppose Exodus is the only scenario that really fits this category. There are also plenty of scenarios in the 10 - 30 town range that you can get hours of gameplay out of.

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Thirty-seven third-party scenarios, by the count in the (as-yet-unreleased) new version of the HLPM, plus the four included ones.

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