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AuthorTopic: MMO?
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I've played loads of good MMOs and MUDs, but has anyone else considered a multi-player version of Blades of Avernum?

The MMO will need a server (or, as time goes, many servers) which is in continuous data transfer with the players, and as the game is turn-based this can be timed easily... or am I mistaken?

What language is Avernum programmed in? I might be able to help with this project...

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Suggested before, suggested again, rejected before, rejected again.

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This seems like a common first post for people...

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Somehow, I'm finding our young Dylan more amusing than plenty of people twice his years.


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By jftsang:
What language is Avernum programmed in? I might be able to help with this project...
Jeff Vogel programs in C++. JV also stated that he will not make an 'Avernum Online', and I highly doubt that he'd help out or let people use his source code. So unless you want to rewrite Avernum from the ground-up and risk copyright infringement, I suggest you use your programming skills on something completely original.

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