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AuthorTopic: Graphics request for TNS
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I would like some outdoor houses and walls in babylonian style, with which I mean small and big houses in sand colour, in the style of the following screenshot from Age of Empires:


What I especially want are hut-like buildings in sand color, some with, some without these sort of triangle shaped things on their roofs. Walls (outdoor walls, not indoor walls) I would like in sand color too, preferably not too broad with wooden poles sticking out at the bottom, with these triangle shaped things on them.

Something like the Ziggurat (which will be a palace in my scenario) which stands on that hill (you can't miss it, it has a huge golden orb on the roof) would also be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for anybody proposing some graphics. I would be most thankfull.

(By the way, if the picture doesn't appear, I recommand right or control clicking on it, and choose "open in a new window." It works for me...)

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That's not nice; this topic, unlike Scorp's, is legit.

I'm terrible at graphics, so no help from me.

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I don't want to commit to anything because of school and because I'm usually pretty bad about finishing graphics in a reasonable amount of time, but I could take a try at it.
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