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For those of you who work with the BoA graphics:
Have you noticed that the BoA wall seem to be a few pixels off? If you examine the walls in-game there is slight gap between walls causes seeming drop. Also, the corner walls are off.

I'm trying to fix it by making correct template (rather than copying the non-white space of a default wall) and by using the templates I get perfect walls in PS for straight runs, but not using the L corners (using a |_ configuration is fine), but not in-game.

Has anyone found a way to fix this?

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I don't know... I've noticed it, but never thought it was really worth the effort to fix. For a while, I thought it might've been something wrong with the custom walls I was using.

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Hm. I have spent over 2 days in PS examining each wall piece and trying to figure what is missing. 8 hours and all I have fixed is the top row of a wall set. A major problem is that there are missing pixels and some pieces are a pixel high/low. Also wall are adjusted by +-18/+-12 pixels, yet I calculate +-18/+-13 on my test. Odd.

After much determination and testing I have found that the problem lies with... the game engine and its attempt to compensate for the zig-zag pattern created by the floor tiles. Most notable using the L corners. When not using the L corners, the game renders a-okay. The most notable problem is created by the short cutaways of a wall that are used by an L-corner. Their Y position is off.

Also, any attempts to correct the problems of the L-corners are futile as the game engine will determine what icon and cutaway icon(s) to use, not the data script.

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This might be part of the host of reasons Jeff has decided that Blades is not a supportable program. I think that we will just have to work within the provided interface, rather than headbutt the walls hoping for relief. ;)

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