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AuthorTopic: "Where the Rivers Meet" bug
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I am unable to exit the crystal mine (after crashing my boat on the rustic beach) -- the guards won't allow it. I read the Read Me file for the bugs in the Rustic beach and the Crystal mine, and followed the instructions there. How can I get past the guards? Is there another secret passage?


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Huh. I had the same problem in the first beta version, but I was under the impression that the problem was fixed in the second version.

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This is stated as a 'known bug' in the readme. It caught me too so I didn't finish the scenario. Best I can say is go back to a saved game and try to run right through it without backtracking any. (At least that's what the readme says, I've never tried it.)

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Well, I followed the instructions in the Read Me file to the letter, but nothing worked, so I simply took the boat back, but I don't know if that will have any further consequences in my game.
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Hi! I went and looked at the code. Set you Get Stuff don Flag in Advanced Features of Character Editor to 26,6,0 and you can walk out of the town, but mayor ruth still doesn't seem to know what's going on. this needs more beta!

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I can't enter the second part of the capital city. Unhandled exception or soemthing.

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