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This is as good a time as any to announce that my first scenario, In the Twilight Shadows, is probably about 15% done, it's progress hampered by the fact that I'm still learning Avernumscript. It certainly will not be ready in time for the contest though, and even if it were, it would never win. As this is my first scenario, I'm shooting for the "at least marginally better than Nephilim Mystery" category. :P

Oh, and Lazarus has a period on the end of his name because he changed his name to follow some meme or other a while back, and a new member decided to create an account with the Login name of Lazarus. UBB does not allow anyone to have a PDN that is the same as someone else's login name. That is why I have a period on the end of my name as well, since I recently obtained this account, and Tyranicus is the login name for #6489.

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Originally written by Ash Lael:

E:R is BoA. E:T is BoE.
Drat... and mine is EoR. I had it first, I swear...

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I'm still wokring on my scenario named Avalanche for refering purposes, final name unknown. In initial stage of designing most of the plot is planned already.
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