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Okay so I'm making a Scenario called Avalanche, I've been talking with TM about it but I have a little snag, one part of it I can't think of how to do.

Section is: You find a small hidden study after feeling an unexplained breeze, upon entering your attacked then you can look around in there.

Should your attcker drop a scroll mentioning where to go? If so then here's the idea. "Return to my house then enter the hidden study near the stairs, the door is along the west wall near the stairs. Once in there search the room for a scrap of paper from my journal. If anyone finds that all our planning will be wasted." Anyone think of anything better?

Either way you'll have to find that scrap of paper in that room.
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Wow, it's lucky that your attacker was carrying some vital and incriminating information, because without it you would have no idea how to proceed with the plot. :rolleyes:

Laying clues is probably the least contrived way to lead the party to the second paper. For example, you could have all of the people who knew the person that you killed tell you that he had been acting strangely and had been visiting a certain place frequently, or they had seen him doing something sneaky or what have you. Without specific information I can't think of anything more useful.

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Could you have the party "overhear" a conversation? That would naturally draw them closer to the secret door (opportunity for short cutscene here...) and then you could have text bubbles appear on the other side of the wall above two antagonists. Have it end with (a) one antagonist killing the other, (b) one antagonist teleporting away, or (c) both remaining to attack the party when they burst into the room. Then release the party from the grips of the cutscene as they see the secret study and are attacked.

Any other way would just suck.

Edit - Given the new information in the post below, your only option is (b) above. The orders would be given verbally (with the appropriate level of abuse for the muscle bound idiot) and in written form (so the idiot won't forget them, although he would need someone to read them for him) and the party could burst into the room just as the the order-giver teleports away. Muscle head attacks, and the party either ends up dead or with a handy special item note which can always be referred to if the party forgets what to do.

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The attacker is part of the main villain's entourage, he is going to be a musclebound idiot hence the orders scroll. The scenario is a win/finish scenario, hence the hidden room otherwise I'd make it easy to find the interesting ending instead of making them work for it (yes you can thank TM for pointing me in that direction).
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Jumping Salmon I think I might just use option two although I was going to have only the musclebound idiot there, I'll now have shade appear and have a go at the musclebound idiot for taking so long. It will repeat the orders then give him a scroll so that it doesn't have to keep reminding him then it will disappear and the party will fall through the door for some light humour.
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