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I'm after beta testers to test new items, I've coded and for custom items and characters to me included in the scenario. All custom characters must use standard graphics or include custom graphics. Everyone who says yes must be willing to recieve a fair few versions before the final release and to be willing to reply with honest opinions on the items included with each release.

EDIT: Recieved one response, more please people. I'm only asking for people to test items and to pick them up from a storage scenario then go out and use them in any other scenario they want.

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Y'know, it's very questionable to me how the heck you would need to "beta test" items. They're not like... complicated, nor is it possible for them to be buggy or erroneous in ways that are not blatantly obvious.
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I doubt he wants to conduct a beta test to find major bugs or errors. He just wants people to test it and give him feedback on his items. To us, that might seem a bit quirky, but I think this is the first thing he is doing with scripting so we might as well give him advice (especially with regards to balance).

How might I get the scenario to test? In case you need it my E-mail address is net4less[AT]

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It was strongly suggested during the course of todays chat that Grail post the item descriptions here. That way, if say someone saw a melee +100 item they could give some immediate feedback. I believe he was going to do that, after some nonsense with computers and internet and whatnot.

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melee +100? GIMME!

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I'm still going to be releasing the scenario as well as uploading the item stats, the reason I'm releasing is that I am expanding the scenario. In a way that makes it similar to a training scenario, although you'll have to work for your levels and your gold. It will also be offering new items and creature types as well and the first release will be tomorrow on both fronts (stats and scenario).

(EDIT) Teaser: Tomb Maker (1 handed sword) - 1-12 points of damage plus 1-12 points per level of Strength and Melee weapon skill, +35 damage to Demons, Undead, giants and attackers. Rarity: Found at the end of training run, Value: understated and being modified.

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