A terrain challenge

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AuthorTopic: A terrain challenge
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Okay, folks. Lord Grimm finally caves and starts his first topic.

The conundrum is as follows:

I am trying to create a terrain of a cage.
Yes, seemingly simple enough. Jeff supplies a very nice cage in VoDT. (a)
I would like to alter the cage so that a character can walk on the space and appear as though inside of the cage. (b)
Originally, I thought I might be able to split the cage into two graphics (c,d) and layer them through various te_second_icon commands, including cutaways.
Alas, all of the graphics appear behind the character. (e)


I cannot create custom graphics of all of the monsters in cages, as I don't have enough room in my terrain list to do so.
I would also rather like to allow party members to walk through the cages.

I can use a different graphic if I must, but I want to see if there's something that I'm missing.

The Silent Assassin is happy that I finally started a topic.
Next thing you know, he'll have me spamming.

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This isn't an issue of second_icon properties, but rather te_cutaway_which_sheet/icon.

I think to get the effect you're looking for, just set te_cutaway_which_sheet and te_cutaway_which_icon to whatever the sheet and icon of the cage itself are (I'm talking about the normal cage, not the one you've dissected).

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What I did was cut out the floor and then make a terrain that places the graphics one space "behind" it. You'd have to make it so that the cage space itself is blocked, and you'd have to have special terrain scripts (or blocked terrain spaces if it's a monster) preventing the occupant from leaving.

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Instead of having a single graphic occupying the space you want the character to occupy, it might be easier to design the cage in terms of walls on the squares north, south, east and west of the character occupied square.

Of course, this doesn't really help if you want anything other than a square cage, but it would be easier than fiddling around with te_second_icon commands. Another advantage is that the cage can be made as big as you want.

As for walking through cages, it would be a relatively simple step from there to create a cage door graphic (or alternatively, allow characters to slip through the bars).

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