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AuthorTopic: Scenerio ideas
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That's naturally just the sketch. I plan to make up the plot as I go. :D

Oh, and I plan to do it like this: Day 1- All's fine. Day 2 - attack- the fortification is damaged. That is of course if there will be an option of damaging towns like in A3.

Tragic? That's the point :D .

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you might not have seen it, but there was a post on the general board about someone possibly making a nethergate scenario. what does everyone think?

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I was the one who mentioned making it on BoA, but any ways i don't think i liked it as much as the Exile and Avernum series

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The plot should stay about the same but there should be much more to do in the scenario. But if you are talking about making the whole game over in the scenario editor, then you are going to have a lot of trouble. Perhaps a scenario set in the Nethergate universe... I think one of the only reasons why I liked that game even when Avernum was out was because of the blue text options and the bread that reappears from time to time in Nethergate.

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I loved Nethergate, but what I really resented was the fact that you couldn't return to most areas once you'd left them, making it more linear than it needed to be, and more restricted.

Eg: my characters couldn't carry all the weapons and loot they wanted to in one go, but there wasn't a second chance to go back in and get a another load once I'd cleared out the dungeon.

The two-games-in-one was very very clever though. But BoA will be infinity-games-in-one, sort of ;)

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