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AuthorTopic: Point 'n Click
Shock Trooper
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i) will BOA have point and click item dropping?
ii) is there any chance of it happening?
iii) who do i hit/ask to get it done?

"But The Damage is Irreversible"
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1. No signs of it yet.
2. Not really.
3. Jeff, who will ignore you. He has years of practice.

—Alorael, who would be happy to see point-and-click dropping added. But Jeff seems to hate caving in to the requests of his customers, so don't count on it.
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Years of practice, haha. But honestly it's true. You are by far not the first person to request this, and Jeff has ignored us since the beginning. But he does tend to suprise us, so maybe we'll get a good outcome.

But don't count on it...

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Maybe we could start a fund to pay Jeff to make these changes. I could chip in $50.
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Originally written by Waffle Guy:

Maybe we could start a fund to pay Jeff to make these changes. I could chip in $50.
We already have a fund started. It's called registration. :D
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