It's been a while, but...

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AuthorTopic: It's been a while, but...
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Hopefully there will be an option for scenerios to strip the player of any non standard items. There will always be designers who will create ridiculously overpowered items.

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does 10-250 damage + 1-25 per level
never misses
inflicts all bad conditions on target
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imunity to all damage
imunity to all bad conditions
bestows all good conditions on wearer
+25 action points
+25 to all skills
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Why should scenario makers want to strip items like that from a player? If the player wants to play with those items, then he or she should be able to. Everyone has different ideas of how to get fun out of a scenario. Some people like tactical combat challenges, and some people think combat is boring and just want to skip it. For the latter type, let them use those items if they want to.

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Played scenarios like Requelle's Nightmare and Masks? Item stripping is fun.

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Yeah, but there's a difference between stripping the party of items for a challenge and stripping them of items for the entire scenario.

Also, having non-default-item stripping will leave me with no option than to make like Thuryl and use the BoA equivalent of two flaming steel waveblades. :(
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