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When ever i download BoA editor and unzip it it never works when i open it it says we can not find
Grapics 2000 plz make sure BoAE is in the data folder for BoAE AND IT IS!!!!!!

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Are you sure you've done this?
you need to move the editor application (.exe file) itself into the "Data" folder
And if so, you should also make sure you haven't accidentally removed any of the data files.

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The error message you get is a typical one and tells that your Editor.exe is not where it should be.

Go to your Blades of Avernum folder and open it. You'll find a subfolder there called 'Data'. This subfolder is what Isaac is refering to. Move the Editor.exe into the Data subfolder.

The instructions for Windows can be misinterpreted. When they tell you not to place the .exe into a subfolder, they refer to the subfolders containing graphics that you find within the Data folder.

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