creating new items/monsters?

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AuthorTopic: creating new items/monsters?
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how dose oen go about creatign new items and monstr for a scenario? i remember the BoE editor had an option soemwhere, which i can't find on the BoA editor.

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There are some tools for easily making items/monsters, but I forget the link. They're HTML pages, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, you have to place a monster (say, a child, or a sheep), or an item, then use the "Edit Placed Object" tool, then click on the "Edit this creature/Edit this item" text in the bottom part of the screen, where variables normally would be for a terrain script/special encounter.

Also, you might want to try and fix your spelling and capitalisation. It earns you a bit more respect on these boards.

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Dallerdin's advice is slightly confusing; the third sentence is about editing the properties of existing monsters and items in the scenario. If you want to create entirely new monster and item types, you need to write them into your scenario's custom objects script. This can't be done in the BoA editor; you'll need to use a text editor. Look at valleydydata.txt in the Valley of Dying Things scenario folder for an example of what custom object scripting looks like; read the editor documentation to find out how to do it.

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These are two templates, one for creatures and one for items:

To use them, create a new data script, then copy the template and paste it in. All of the values are set to their default, so all you need to do is change the values that you want. For more information, look in the editor documentation.

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