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AuthorTopic: BoA Bugs v1.1
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* Set status switches bless/curse and shield/weaken stats when is_forced is one.
* Internal varables such as "shop" or "pay" should be listed in either the Documentation or Appendicies.
* Outdoors signs don't work sometimes.
* If cursed items are placed on ground/in a container in the editor, they lose their cursed ability.
* The town status calls appear to be broken
* Enter-combat-end-combat bug: you can get placed in totally nonsensical locations. If you enter and then end combat immediately, you get placed one space forward. This allows you to skip special rectangles extremely easily.
* The call move_to_new_town can't be called from an INIT_STATE, a START_STATE, a creature script, or a terrain script, even if you distance the call from the state with set_state_continue, run_town_script, or run_scenario_script.
* Beam projectors malfunction wildly in close quarters, next to walls, in varying heights, etc.
* When a PC is next to a spot and you look at that spot, you search the spot. As far as I can tell, if the joined NPC is next to a spot, however, you don't search the spot. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just an intentional stupid thing.
* On Win98, crashes have been observed when monsters use missile attacks.
* Sometimes searchable terrain breaks. For certain terrain with the searchable and container attribute, they are only searchable if there is something inside the container.

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This is carry-over from the last thread:

I realize I wasn't clear. Terrains may have the te_special_property 19 through 30 (hills). This special property is ignored if it lies outside the town's defined boundary. Thus if a party attempts to exit town onto a hill, they will get a "do you wish to jump off the cliff" message.

An example is Emerald Mountain. Try to exit the town directly from the hill. (This is evident in the lower west side)

Note: Hill = Terrain & Height = Height. Heights are not terrains.

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Okay, I understand now and checked, yes, this is indeed a bug. I will add it to the v1.2 list.

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Riposte only works VERY rarely, no matter how much skill you have in it. Like maybe 1% of the time. Such a hard-to-get special skill being nearly useless and not visibly increasing anything as your skill with it increases must be a bug. (of course I used the character editor to test this.)

EDIT: maybe I'm out of date... what exactly is this a list of? and what happened to the bug that shooting friendly people didn't make them hostile?

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I just tested the missile bug; it's been fixed in the latest version of BoA.

I've had Riposte rates as high as 29%; it seems to be about 3% per level of Riposte (which is low, but not insanely low). Maybe it's some kind of overflow bug, where having too much makes it go into negatives. Or is your complaint that the percentage success rate you actually observe conflicts with the one that appears in the message window? If so, keep in mind that Riposte only seems to work if the opponent actually hits you; if he misses all the time, you won't get a riposte.

EDIT: Oh, and another bug: if a PC has a Dread Curse, the PC's level of Dread Curse is always listed as 0 on the status screen no matter how high its actual level is. (This is purely a cosmetic bug; it still works properly in lowering all your other stats.)

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