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AuthorTopic: Dice
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Will it be possible :
- to get the results from dice ?
- and give or take money depending of the score ?
- making dice which give a result more often than normal ones ?
- making other than 2D6 dice ?
- create an alternate fighting system with dice ?

I have other ideas but they rely much on the above(like movies in which rolling determine the story).
Thank you for answering.

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Yes, I assume this will be possible through scripting. You could set any range of numbers to get the effect of different dice, and give the effect of a weighted die by making the range bigger and setting more numbers to give the desired result. (ex: a weighted die where 6 is twice as likely to come up as any other number: generate a random number from 1 to 7 and set 7 to give the result 6.) Hell, I bet you could even set up a game of poker using the BoA scripting system.

I'm not sure if you could set up a new fighting system, but the one in the A3 engine looked pretty similar to different dice of different values.

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In BoE, the monster attacks were after the xdy+z system, where you take a certain number of dice with any number of sides, roll them and add a third, constant number. Dunno if it stays the same in BoA.

1.), 2.)
With the scripts, you're bound to be able to simulate dice easily. Heck, I can do it on my calculator, so it should be possible in a script! :D Like (this is not any specific language, but the commands exist in most languages afaik)
For (i,1,x,1)
You can't manipulate the dice itself, but if you know the rules and the math, you can set the xdy+z to have a specific range, average, and even concentration of results throughout the curve!

If you throw one die, the curve is flat because all results have the same likelihood. If you throw two dice, the average will come up twice as often as with one die. Trust me, I seriously spent some time on that problem, just for this purpose actually (finding the right numbers for BoE scenarios :D )

I don't have any idea on how to set the dice so the average is not exactly in the center between maximum and minimum. With XdY+Z, the average always is (max+min)/2, so it's in the center of the range.

If you can program the dice at all in the script, the number of sides and the number of dice are no more than variables that can be changed.

I don't know what you mean by this one. Make the attacks, parries, etc. be represented by dice? I guess you'd have to ask Drakey for that one.

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Considering how Jeff has viewed custom spells, custom races, and many other requests, a chance to make a custom fighting system seems unlikely.

However, you will be able to manipulate characters' stats, include different equipment, and alter all monsters heavily to make all the combat numbers different to some extent.

—Alorael, who hopes that extent is a large one. He's like to see A1/A2-style combat come back. You can only deal 199 damage so many times before it gets old.
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I would like to use the "Dice" item and get its result.
The weighted die would be a user made item.

My idea is to have different dice which you could use in the scenario, then the scenario gets your roll and decide how much damage you do without being in combat, displaying a message with something like "you bash through his head" and then use a script to substract HP to your enemy to know how much damage you take and display another message and substract the damages to your HP.

I know how to simulate a die but thanks anyway.

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