Random Monsters, Items, Dungeons?

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AuthorTopic: Random Monsters, Items, Dungeons?
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Anyone know if it will be possible to have random monsters respawn in an area, eg. You come across one room filled with goblins one day, ogres the next, jellybean men the day after etc?

Could the same be done for items? say the first time you open that chest, enter the room there will be a different item.

How about even dungeons, go down a set of stairs and enter a dungeon, next time you play the scenerio the dungeon is completely different (I imagine you would need to make a selection of dungeons to be randomly selected).

I thought this might be an interesting way to make a scenerio replayable by making it alittle different each time. Sound feasible?

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All of the above should be possible. As you suggest, for random dungeons you'll almost certainly need to make a number of them to randomly select from.

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As can be seen in Kalloskathagos, this has to be thoroughly planned out beforehand to make it work.

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