Identification and item abilities

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AuthorTopic: Identification and item abilities
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1)Is there a call that identifies the party items, so designers can make for example a machine that works like an identification device?

2)I want to make an item that just works if you have another, for example lets say that we have a wand that just works if you have a magma crystal, is there a way to make that each time you use the wand a magma crystal is taken away and that if you don't have magma crystals you can't use the wand?

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2) This can be done by giving the item a custom ability and scripting the ability into your scenario data. Be mindful that you cannot take such a wand into another scenario, though.

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I don't know about #1, but #2 should be pretty basic. First define the item, similarly like I've done below...

begindefineitem 445;
it_name = "Wand";
it_full_name = "Wand of Magma";
it_ability_1 = 207;
it_ability_str_1 = 10;

"207" means it will call a state in the scenario script. "10" is the number of the state to call. Then, in the scenario script, put something similar to this...

beginstate 10;
if (has_item(446) == 1) {
message_dialog("You're out of magma crystals.","");

Yours will be different, but you should get the general idea from this.

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