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AuthorTopic: Editing Items
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editing items like weapons, armor and other stuff.
How can/is this done?

Idea: think there was something like this.
(a ring in A3)
a special staff for mages/priests only.
Regenerates X number of spell points per turn.

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The simplest kinds of adjustments are made dhrough the *data file that contains item data. If you don't know what this file is, read the manual. This kind of editing can give an item various properties that already exist in the game. For example, you could make the staff you mentioned add 1 to mage spells or intelligence, or regenerate X spell points when used (like the Rod of Arcana).
If you really want the staff to continuously regenrate spell points every turn, you'll have to use a special script for it. Set the item's special class to whatever number you want (class 1 in this example) and then edit the START_STATE in your scenario script file to include:

beginstate START_STATE;
if(char_has_item_of_class_equip(0,1,0) == 1)
<Whatever you want to happen to the character each turn>

and repeat for each character. This way the effect you create will happen every turn to anyone who has an item of special class 1 equipped. Be warned that the effect will only work for the scenarion in which the character is given the item. It is not transferable because it depends on a special class and script.
On a side note, be sure to consider the possibly unbalancing effects of this staff as well. It would be a very powerful magic item.
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