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AuthorTopic: Selective Summoning
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Maybe its a bit to late to give this idea but what fi you could, in the monster special abilities options, clic on a selective summoning ability that would allow a scenario creator the possibility to have creatures that would summon specific monsters. For example a Necromancer that could only summon skeletons and zombies.

The selective summoning option could have a screen with the names of all the monsters and a check box by them. In this way you could just clic on all the selected summoned monsters you want. Another possibility is to just leave a space where the number of the monster would be entered.

I think this would be a great adition to the editor and would allow the creation of more smart monters that would only summon creatures that compensate the summoners weakness.

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Well, there is already something similar to this on BoE. On thre select monster abilities screen you can choose "Summon Monster 50,20,5%"

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