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*If statistic? node
*Party at X/Y? node
*Has Race? node
*More versatile stairway node
*More versatile Place Monster node
*The ability to use Outdoor Shop in towns
*Town Forgive node
*Custom sounds and special effects
*Ability to have sounds and special effects play while other things occur
*Wait xx Miliseconds node
*Abilty to do simple mathematics with variables/stuff done flags
*Ability to access and modify every variable in the game
*Ability to check to see if the party has a certain NPC with them
*Ability to temporarily change PC graphics
*Ability to forcibly give/drop/equip/unequip items via scripts
*A node that changes the amount of light in a town
*Ability to display images such as maps
*The ability to easily teleport between towns

*Ability to restrict party's level/skills/equipment in a scenario
*Disabling/enabling Magic Map/Far Sight/Automap in certain towns, and
disabling, enabling Word of Recall
*No limit on how many NPCs have the ability to be accepted into the party
*Ability to set items to be undroppable/non-unequipable
*More talking flexibility
*More versatile Variable Town Entry
*Fewer limits in general

*Ability to select multiple special properties/abilities for custom monsters, items,
and terrain
*Ability to control a targeted spell's arc
*Ability to make the party temporarily disappear from the screen
*Ability to call scripts when certain towns become hostile (like Fort Emergence
and Ghikra in E3)
*Customized "You Lose" messages
*Ability to make monsters weak/resistant/immune to weapon types
*Ability to set percentage of resistance/weakness to elements/weapons
*Ability to call scripts when monsters take damage/reach certain health
*Customized spells
*Custom holidays
*Custom monster, item, and weapon types (instead of just listing "Undead,
Stone, Demon, etc.)
*Link standard item use to special coding
*Items that can add to/subtract from all abilities
*Custom special skills (e.g. leadership, sling use, etc.)
*Ability to write descriptions of items
*Sinkable/stealable boats
*Different boat classes (the higher the class, the more places it can go)
*Customizable PC races

*Ability to enter combat while in boats
*Swimming/flying monsters
*A way to program combat tactics
*A better friendly/hostile system

*Graphics editor which easily allows custom graphics to be created and inserted
in the scenario
*A spelling/grammar checker
*Make scenarios multiple files, instead of one monolithic mess
*Implement non-dialogue NPC text
*A command to make all items not belong to party
*A party name string

I think I left something out...

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I'd like to see more "control the party" things here, like knowing the # of party members, etc.

You need to spell out(no pun intended) what you mean when you write:

*More versatile stairway node
*More versatile Place Monster node

define versatile.

*Graphics editor which easily allows custom graphics to be created and inserted
in the scenario

including horses & boats.

*Abilty to do simple mathematics with variables/stuff done flags

AND display such results!

Did I miss customizable sounds? Very important! My Three stooges scenario may finally come to life!

How about background music (which Jeff hates!)

As BoA won't be node based, perhaps an easy-to-use scripting language for complex things, overlayed by a GUI for the most common tasks.

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I swear this is the last one.

This topic, on a completely unrelated note, is the oldest topic (by start date) that remains unlocked and undeleted to this day.

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