Towns - Major Problem - HELP!

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AuthorTopic: Towns - Major Problem - HELP!
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Does anyone know why I'm haveing this problem... Whenever my party enters a town that I've made, I end up somewhere other than where the entrances are - and it's beginning to be really annoying...

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I encountered a problem like this once, perhaps yours is the same, though I can't swear my solution is the only one.

In any regard.. I haven't experimented with it extensively so this may not be perfectly accurate, but I believe the town needs to at least be 3x3, and it may need to be a perfect square.

If you have a smaller one the game does not check what direction you were moving when you entered the town, but rather what square you entered. And how is it to decide which is north, south, east, and west if there are only two available options?

It chooses the default.

If you want to limit the number of entrances to your town, I think you have to block off some of the squares.

Anyhow I don't know for sure that this was your problem, but hopefully so.
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There's a nifty diagram on page thirty of the documentation that explains this very well.
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Alternatively, it's possible you don't have enough free space around the entrances and BoA chokes when it tries to place your characters.

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