Limit of PCs?

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AuthorTopic: Limit of PCs?
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There should be a option to make a limit when you start the scenario. Like a single character PC, you have to use only one PC to play the scenario. But you should let NPCs join the party (if the creator of the scenario wants to)

Example: The scenario only allows only one PC to play, later on a NPC joins the party.

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With things like this, it's usually best for the designer to tell the player not to take more than one PC (or provide a prefab). If the player decides to ignore this advice, it's them who loses out, same as if they take a high level party into a low level scenario.

And, did Jeff ever say that NPCs would be allowed? I know he said originally that they wouldn't, but did her then give in, or get thwarted by his own programming genius, as he said on other matters?

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