Take party from scenario to scenario?

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AuthorTopic: Take party from scenario to scenario?
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Could I take my party from scenario to scenario or do I have to start each scenario with a new "novice" party? (thus making it possible to play scenarios in a campaign like form :) )


PS no, I haven't played Blades of Exile...

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In Blades of Exile it is possible to play several scenarios with the same parties. At the same time, this puts severe restrictions on custom stuff: You can't customize spells, abilities or weapon types.

Jeff has been asked whether these restrictions would be lifted in BoA, and he has replied no, for exactly the same reasons they are there now. That would imply that you can transfer parties.

About the campaign thing: I'm not totally sure, I know that it will not be possible to transfer special items, quests, achievement infos and other scenario-specific things to another scenario. If you want sequels, these sequels must be exactly the same no matter what the party did in the first scenario or even whether they played it or not. You can have several scenarios for one story, but they can't be linked in any way.

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