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All right, I give up. Where is the vampire? I've killed him once, but where is he now?

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with "once" I understand you killed him in that hall directly when entering the castle, no?

If so, then you should enter through the door at the left wall, proceed straight ahead, and you'll come into a small auditorium with a female vampire. Kill her, and proceed through the door to the south. Then, after killing the undead in that library, continue through the doors you encounter, killing all enemies you might come across. Finnaly you will get to a hall with water and enormous stairs. Go up the stairs and open the door.

Voila. There he is.

Be careful though, as he has some strange crystal which can hurt you badly.

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Yeah, you'll definately want to put some protection spells on your party before fighting him when he has the ice crystal.

Btw, Cloud of Blades seems to work really well on him.

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Just in case the message dialogs don't give you the hint, you're going to be fighting Vahkohs many times. Keep going deeper and deeper into his castle until something in the game tells you otherwise to find him after each successive death.

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Okay, thanks.

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