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Where are the Vahnatai I'm supposed to find? I've been looking for about an day! :mad: :mad:

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I'm pretty sure theres a walkthrough that comes with the game.

I think this section is what you want -
"You will be in the School Library. The library is closed off by another glowing
portcullis. You can’t enter it yet. Instead, walk across to the east side of the level, find the
room full of rubble, and go down the cave slope to the east (there are stairs down to the
south, don’t go down them yet).
You will be in the Vahnatai Caverns. Go east until you meet the vahnatai. Talk to
them. In particular, talk to Baia-Tel until he tells you that Zereen has the stone of power
and that some spiders have a useful artifact. Talk to Zereen and ask him to give you the
stone of power. Finally, Baia-Tel will tell you that a bitter person on the surface has a
copy of the instructions to the school controls."

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