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Hi guys,

I'm just posting here to inform you lot about the update I've been working on for UV.

Undead Valley's now on version 2.0, which includes re-worked towns and clears up a fatal error in Rolar-Tel's fort, which prevented a helluva lot of people from completing it. I apologise to those who've emailed me and I've had to say it's not ready yet, so here it is:


Just follow the links to either the Windows or Mac versions.

I'm posting about it here as the computer which has my site on it is dead, so I can't update my own site (so don't bother looking at it for some time).

Again, I'm sorry to those who've been stuck by that error, but I appreciate all your information. Please email me if you find anything wrong in this version, as I need to know A.S.A.P.

Also, I'm posting it here as I'm not sure who has download links to the Scenario. If you do have a download link to it, please update. you can o this by the normal way, or just link it to my relevant file, as my site's got about 2GB of bandwith per month, with only 100MB being used (if that).

Other Scenario:
ETS is kinda crawling along, but I stop every time I look at the dialog (I just HATE it), so I have no idea when it's going to be out. ADVICE: There is a download file for ETS on the link I provided, but don't bother downloading that, as it has nearly all the dialog missing. As it says, it is a work in progress and should be treated as such (it's only up there for my personal backup).

Thanks, and enjoy (or don't - it's up to you). :D

- Archmagus Micael

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