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Just beat it... rather short.. I don't see what the fuss is about, aside from the overpowered weapons and monsters.. the plot was a little thin... its like he intentionally kept the player out of the loop.

when writing something to toy with minds, your better off overinforming the audience with facts, philosophy, and esoteria; making sure that they still don't get it of coarse. The feeling of "Strangety" that comes from logical contradictions has a fuller effect when the entire logical statement is present, and concreet. [its easier to confuse someone with a "blatantly contradictory truth", than a thinly veiled lie, or sparsely described truth.] also.. the fight with shroud was sorta laughably easy... I just pumped him full of missiles.. didn't have to melee, heal, or bless the whole fight...

1st slot char, nephilim, using the magical bow of hurt that you got from the sniper-general.
22 dex
4 bow
2 sharpshooter

2nd slot, slith, blessed bow, steel arrows
20 dex
4 bow
2 sharpshooter

3rd slot, nephilim, blessed sling
10 dex
5 thrown
2 sharpshooter

4th slot, human, morag's scepter
10 int
10 dex
20 mage

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