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Ok so I asked Beohram about the nephil and I start the quest. I kill the nephil, I get the head, Now he won't leave the dinner hall. He just keeps saying "You have your orders now go"

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Are you positive that you got this quest from Beohram??

Now, I only have a beta version, but it was Captain Fillington in the town of Ferrow that gave me the quest to free the prisoners. Beohram gives no quests per se, he just asks you to sign up with the military.

Edit - Huh. Apparently I didn't get that quest from Beohram during beta because I had already completed it for Fillington. Interesting. But anyways, I got the quest, killed the bad dude and his giant friends, and then reported back to his office. Quest solved.

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I won't be fixing this anytime soon, since I now have forty minutes left before I have to head back to the military base.

Be sure to dig up my email address from the readme and send me the error in email if you want to be sure that I will fix the bug.

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