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I do not seem to be able to get the potions at the beginning of the game. Instead I get a blank box, and then when I hit make potions again I get a notification that I do not have the ingredients. I'm using MAC 10.3.9.

Any suggestions?
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I think you need to gather the ingredients. Have you tried that skill?

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The Make Potions skill is assumed to gather ingredients automatically; the ingredients themselves aren't actually items. You need to be outdoors and not have a full inventory of potions already, though.

I haven't experienced the problem you describe, though; I figure it's either a corrupted download or a problem with your copy of BoA. Assuming that you're using the latest version of BoA (v1.1.2), try redownloading the scenario. (You need the latest version of BoA because the Make Potions script involves string manipulation calls, which 1.0.0 doesn't support.)

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I think the problem is that you're trying to use alchemy, when the potion-making ability isn't normal alchemy. It's a special ability. Hit U for "Use Ability," but instead of A for alchemy, go to N for Make Potions.

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Aha! It works. Thanks. I was using the wrong ability, plus not using my brain!
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